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BOPP Cold Lamination Tape

BOPP Cold Lamination Tape is made of biaxially oriented polypropylene film (BOPP) coated with pressure sensitive adhesive for label printing industries. Mainly used in laminating after printing with no heating necessary. It can be directly coated on the surface of label to strengthen the protection and increase the printing surface to be more smoothness, brightness and more colorful.

OPP Packaging Tape

OPP packaging tape is made of biaxially oriented polypropylene film (BOPP) coated with pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive that can best resist loads, tension strength. Ideal operation with hand dispensers and automatic sealing equipments used for heavy-duty carton sealing, industrial packaging as well as product bundling.

OPP Colour Tape

OPP Colour Tape is made of biaxial oriented polypropylene film (BOPP) coated with pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive. Multiple color carrier improve the visual attractiveness of consumers. Ideal used in packaging industry for carton sealing, marking, identifying parcels, file document reinforcing and other stock items.

Cloth Tape

Cloth tape is a pressure sensitive Polyethylene laminated cloth coated with natural rubber adhesive exhibits a strong adhesion on most surfaces. Weather resistant and waterproof properties suited for carpet joining, heavy-duty packaging, strapping and binding. Due to excellent flexibility on bends and contours, the pressure sensitive properties enable it to remove cleanly and leave no residue.

Masking Tape

Masking tape is a pressure sensitive tape designed with natural rubber adhesive made of thin and easy-to-tear crepe paper as carrier material. Flexible crepe carrier can conform to curved and irregular surfaces, to help protect surrounding surfaces from overspray, provide clean paint lines, and remove easily without leaving residue or damaging the subsurface. Ideally suited for sealing of window and door, woodworking, construction painting and marking applications.

Green Masking Tape

Green masking tape is made of PET film coated with silicone adhesive has excellent masking properties with high temperature resistance. Specially suitable for masking on hot stamping plate during stamping process and spray-paint for high grade cars. Can be removed without leaving residue & excellent solvent resistance.

Polyester Silicone Tape

Polyester silicone tape is made of polyester backing coated with silicone adhesive. It can be used in the PCB masking process with excellent heat resistance, solvent resistance, corrosion resistance and good insulation performance. Used for powder coating, painting, plating, and anodizingfixing. It is also widely used in splicing application and provides a clean removal with no glue residue.

Kapton Tape with Silicone Adhesive

Kapton tape with silicone adhesive is recommended for PCB circuit board masking, powder coating, coils, capacitors, transformers. Excellent heat resistance, solvent resistance and good insulation properties without glue residue and damages to substrate.
Double-sided plate mounting tape for letterpress and flexographic printing with filmic carrier and rubber adhesive.The thickness within the range is recognizable by the different coloured film carriers.Mounting of photo-polymer plates on printing cylinders and mounting foils in flexographic and label printing.The adhesive system has been developed for the mounting of photo-polymer plates.

PVC Fine Line Masking Tape

PVC Fine Line masking tape is designed for applications such as lane marks, automotive paint spraying, bandoleering and electroplating. The adhesive and backing work together to reduce paint seepage to a minimum with less chance of imprint damage. It provides masking protection for complex curved lines, sharp curves, irregularly shaped panels, over rivets and into seams. The heat resistance is 163°C for 1 hour at least and leave no residue upon removal

Anti-Slip Tape For Indoor & Outdoor

Anti-slip tape for indoor & outdoor safety purpose applications with aggressive and durable adhesive system. The silicon carbide grit ensures longevity. Suitable for use in factory floor, machine steps, ladders, rigs, stairways, pool area and others area that poses slip and skid hazards.

Thermal Lamination Film

Specialized in film based thermal lamination film such like Gloss / Matte BOPP thermal, Soft-touched (also known as Velvet film), Anti-Scratch film and MPET film.

Vegetable Tape

Vegetable Tape is made of biaxial oriented polypropylene film (BOPP) as backing material which coated with non-toxic acrylic adhesive. Due to the strong adhesiveness yet toxic-free and safe for contact with food,it is the great way in vegetable bundling.As moisture-proof packaging material for bundling of vegetables,fruit,various packing for export out-box for product identification information labelling,box sealing.Convenient packing and easy to use.

Double Sided Tape

Double Sided PE Foam Tape is made of polyethylene foam (PE) as backing material which double coated with a Solvent Acrylic and PE-coated paper as release liner in red or blue color.Ideal for indoor and outdoor general mounting, sealing applications, include various applications in automotive industry and advertising products and services.
Double Sided Acrylic Foam Tape is made of transparence or grey acrylic foam as backing material which double coated with an acrylic adhesive which has long term stability and red PE release film liner.Having best balance properties among peeling force, adhesion & cohesion with execellent stability.Used to fix both external and internal auto accessories such as auto body side moulding,ultra-wide moulding,wheel hub covers,spoilers,brake light and car accessories.
Double Sided Tissue Tapes are made from non woven-tissue paper coated on both sides with acrylic adhesive or hot-melt rubber adhesive and laminated with release paper.Good Adhesion & Cohesion,Meantime with execellent stability.Suitable for laminating all kind foams & paper products,handicrafts,stationery & etc.

Security Tape

Security tape is a pressure sensitive tape with special tamper resistant or tamper evident features. It can be used as a ‘’security seal’’ to help reduce shipping losses due to pilfering and reduce tampering or product adulteration. Once the tape is lifted up, the hidden message would be shown, and leave an evidence that the package is opened, protecting customers' rights.
MPET BOPP film Packaging Tape offer in Gold, silver and hologram pattern for bakery packing application.